IT Managed Services

Do you spend more time dealing with IT issues than doing your own job?

With CYLON IT Managed Services (CYLON ASSIST), you offload specific IT operations to IT experts. CYLON assumes ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and problem resolution for selected IT systems and functions on your behalf.

 IT Managed Services Time

When should you consider CYLON ASSIST Managed Services?

All businesses need technology to operate efficiently and to compete effectively. But as reliance on IT grows, the resources to support an increasingly complex IT environment may not. In many small and mid-size businesses, IT resources are scarce, and can be quickly overwhelmed with the day-to-day responsibilities of keeping the IT infrastructure that the business depends on up and running.

If you fall behind in keeping up with things such as backups, patches and security, the odds are that you’ll face an IT outage that will negatively impact your business. For instance, if your e-mail server, customer relationship management system, financial application or network goes down unexpectedly, you face substantial productivity and revenue losses as a result.

CYLON ASSIST: an extension of your IT department

CYLON Assist cover all IT needs, for example:

  • Hardware & Software – From Smartphones to Servers
  • From Simple to Complex Requirements
    • Installations
    • Maintenance
    • Upgrades
    • Problem Solving
    • Operating Systems
    • Web Sites
    • Antivirus
    • Email
    • Microsoft Office
    • Networks – LAN, Lines, Internet Connectivity
    • Business Applications
    • Databases
    • Backup & Recovery
    • License Management & Optimisation, Migrations & Integration
    • Phone & VOIP.
    • Printers & Scanners
  • End to End IT Health Audit
  • On-Premise to Cloud solutions (and combinations of both to fit your business need)
  • Computer Hardware Repairs / New equipment purchases / Upgrades
  • We interface and manage your IT related Vendors and Service Providers
  • Online & Onsite Support
  • Unique Business Requirements / Solutions Needed? – We do the research and propose recommendations, you choose the solution

Why CYLON IT Managed Services?

You are looking for a partner, not just a product.

CYLON was conceived from the realisation that technology infrastructure has traditionally been both expensive and underutilised. To achieve maximum benefit, business objectives must be clearly defined.

You are looking for a cost-effective solution.

When considering an outsourced IT partnership it is critical to take all cost factors into consideration. CYLON’s approach to outsourced IT is different from any other IT providers.

CYLON implementation services – regardless of whether a proof of concept or full-scale production deployment – all use the same services implementation methodology approach.

CYLON can either serve as your sole IT team or we can work with existing internal IT teams – either way, we can lighten your load and be the first line of defense. CYLON offers IT plans on a monthly all-you-can-eat model — or a pay-as-you-go hourly rate.