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With your choice of a custom, pre-configured, or hosted offering, you have the power to find the private cloud solution that fits your unique business needs. You can build a private cloud today with Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Microsoft System Center.

CYLON knows that many business are looking at cloud computing to transform the way they deliver services to the business and a primary driver of this trend is economics. Microsoft private cloud solutions are licensed on a per processor basis, so customers get the cloud computing benefits of scale with unlimited virtualization and lower costs – consistently and predictably over time.

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Complete Private Cloud Solution In One Cost Effective Offer

The Enrollment for Core Infrastructure (ECI) licensing program is the most cost-efficient way to obtain all the products you need to build your private cloud solutions. ECI offers two editions, differentiated only by virtualization rights:

  • Datacenter for highly virtualized environments
  • Standard for lightly or non-virtualized environments

And, because ECI offers per-processor licensing, it simplifies licensing, reduces the time and effort spent on compliance, and can make it easier to plan for license upgrades. Each license covers up to two physical processors―so ECI requires a 25 license minimum initial purchase.

Some other benefits of ECI include:

  • Management Server console software is include with Server MLs and Client MLs
  • Both editions all features to enable
  • Malware protection is included

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Microsoft Private Cloud Value

Microsoft System Center 2012 is at the heart of our private cloud offering, providing an integrated solution including infrastructure management products that play a central role in our long-term vision for helping your IT organization benefit from the cloud. Consistent with our simplified approach to private cloud licensing, Microsoft provides exceptional value for those looking to reduce the costs of running datacenter services. Our analysis shows that a VMware private cloud solution can cost from five to sixteen times more than a comparable Microsoft private cloud solution over a period of one to three years.*



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